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If there is any questions we have not answered please call the shop or your artist.

No! A mask is no longer required during your appointment.

No! Parlour Tattoo Studio and it’s artists do not tattoo minors.

No! we currently do not provide piercings at Parlour Tattoo Studio.

Yes!  A minimum of $100 is required to secure the appointment and will come off the final cost.

Without 48hr notice you will lose the deposit. In case of an emergency, please contact your artist or the shop immediately.

If you are running behind, please contact the artist or shop to inform them.

We strongly suggest not to take any chances and wait until a later time.

Getting tattooed while ill is not recommended. Parlour Tattoo Studio wishes not to bring any illness into the studio and risk passing any illness onto others.

Parlour Tattoo Shop does not allow any children in the shop during appointments.

Please  come alone to your appointment. Our artists do not have a waiting area near their stations and will ask others to stay in the foyer during the length of the session.

There is limited on site parking. You can find parking across the street or on the North side by the convenience store but keep mindful of the street parking signs.

Each tattoo session is different and times will vary depending on placement and design.

Yes! All supplies used are sterile, single-use items and are disposed of properly after each client.

Yes and no! If you are concerned about the pain please consult with your artist about possible options.

Yes!  But, not as much as some may think. After time your body’s endorphins kick in and make things much more manageable.