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Tymm Cre8tions


Tymm (Tim) loves Creating stuff! Pencil sketches, copic drawings and recently painting with tattoo ink, he’s always busy trying to make people smile through his art. When Tymm’s not at the shop, rest assured he’s arting it up somewhere with some pencil crayons or his computer making new flash designs or building websites and logos.

Minimalism, black and grey, new school, traditional, or even a bit of realism he’s not afraid to take on any style. He has recently been dabbing into the not so popular style of trash polka but most of all, this guy loves doing cover ups and rework! If you’re not happy with an old piece guaranteed Tymm can come up with an idea that will make you love your skin again. As a member of the community and an artist of RAW Calgary you are sure to see one of his creations somewhere so check him out, snoop his socials and see what he can create for you.